Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spotlight! Jen Wylie - Author of The Forgotten Echo

Today is a very great day! Not only did I have the privilege to read The Forgotten Echo (a short story) by Jen Wylie, but I had the amazing opportunity to interview Jen as well.....

Jennifer Wylie was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. In a cosmic twist of fate she dislikes the snow and cold.

Before settling down to raise a family, she attained a BA from Queens University and worked in retail and sales.
Thanks to her mother she acquired a love of books at an early age and began writing in public school. She constantly has stories floating around in her head, and finds it amazing most people don’t. Jennifer writes various forms of fantasy, both novels and short stories. Sweet light is her debut novel to be published in 2011.
Jennifer resides in rural Ontario, Canada with her husband, two boys, Australian shepherd a flock of birds and a disagreeable amount of wildlife.

Author Interview: Jen Wylie
Fun Random Questions:

Hardcover or Paperback? 

Bookmark or Dog ear a page? 
~gasp!~ bookmark of course!

Coffee or Tea? 

Pepsi or Coke? 
There is a difference (ducks and runs from the fanatics)

Vanilla or Chocolate? 

Favorite fictional character? 
Jack Sparrow :)

Favorite scary movie? 
I actually don't watch scary movies, they give me nightmares (seriously)

Favorite Disney Princess? 

Pasta or Pizza? 

Vampire, Ghost, Witch or Werewolf? What would you be and why?
Ooh that's a hard one. If I can be an Immortal witch then I'll choose that. A ghost doesn't do much, and I don't want to be hairy. Vampire is a possibility, though I'm not sure on the blood drinking
-sleeping all day sounds good though :D
More Serious Questions:
Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? 
I am a stay at home mom of two boys. We live in very rural Ontario, Canada. I hate cold and snow-fate screwed me over there! We also have a dog, and a lot of birds. :)
When did you begin writing? Who or What were your inspirations? 
I started writing in public school. My mother is an avid reader and I took after her with that, writing was just something which I seemed to have a knack for and enjoyed as well.

Do you have a favorite place to write or a favorite time of day? 
I write at my desk in 'my' room. All my craft stuff is down here too, and the fire place (so its the warmest room in the house LOL) Usually I write in the evenings after the kids go to bed.

What made you write The Forgotten Echo? 
It was just one of those stories that popped into my head, and I actually had a chance to write it down before I forgot. My brain is constantly thinking about something story related. I'm surprised it hasn't exploded yet.

What genres do you like to read in your spare time? 
Anything fantasy. Even better if it has at least a hint of romance in it too! I'll also read science fiction but that's about it.

Is writing your full time job, or is it just your super hero persona? 
Good question. Being a mom is rather full time, and I have other things I do as well. I'm rather all over the place really. I love writing very much, though edits rather give me a headache at times LOL

Do you have any quirks or special rituals you must do before writing or when completing a story?
I have a gumball addiction while writing. If i get stuck I move to chocolate, or FunDip, for some extra energy. I'm a rather happy person, so when anything good happens, I write a good scene, finish etc,  I'll do a happy dance or bounce around. :D 

If you could be a character from any of your stories who would it be? Why? 
Hmmm. I don't know that I would want to be any of my main characters. I'm not really nice to any of them. I'm rather glad we'll never meet :) As a writer I like making things difficult, throwing obstacles in their path and I don't always have a happy ending (well I usually
What are your thoughts about books that become movies? Do you prefer to read the book first or see the film? 
I'd rather see the movie first. If I read the book, I just spend the whole time watching grumbling about what is missing or different. LOL
Are you currently working on anything right now?
Oh yes! I have a short story series for young readers which is keeping me very busy. A new story comes out the first Tuesday of each month (for a total of 6 stories) So I am busy meeting story and editing deadlines for that. My Tales of Ever series is a lot of fun to write. It is a about a young firestarter who gets banished to a place called Ever and has to learn to control her powers, and survive. The first installment, Banished, came out March 1st. The second will be released April 5th.

I just want to thank Jen Wylie for stopping by and doing this awesome interview! And don't forget to check out My Review of The Forgotten Echo.


Evie said...

Awesome interview, congratz! You asked all the right questions :)

Looking forward to more of your reviews! :)

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