Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review: Gracie and The Preacher

TITLE:Gracie and The Preacher    
AUTHOR:T.L. Peters


    After his mom's new boyfriend threatens to have his feisty Rottweiler Gracie put to sleep, young Brent Everett and his dog run away with a traveling street preacher. The Preacher has a good heart, but his methods aren't exactly ethical. Although Brent isn't entirely sold on the preacher's various socially conscious sidelines, he comes to love the raucous crowds flocking to the revivals. All is well until Brent's dog attacks a heckler at one of their street corner preachings, and Gracie is taken to the pound. 
  Once Gracie is rescued, their adventure continues and takes them to places they never imagined. They meet a female bodybuilder, rescue illegal migrants, and even travel to Bolivia to confront a ruthless human trafficker. 
  This story is about keeping your grace,faith,love and hope all in the face of adversity.


Before I begin, I want to explain why I was so interested in the story. I was caught at Rottweiler. My husband I had a Doberman/Rottweiler mix named Dude. He was only a little over a year old when we found out he had a brain tumor and we subsequently had to put him down.  He was my baby and I loved him. Still do.

To me the strongest element in T.L. Peters book is love. The Love Brent has for the dog. The Love he develops for the Preacher. The Love the Preacher has for the boy and the dog. The entire time you are reading you just want to give the boy a hug and protect him and his dog. The story took me back a few years, because it is written from the perspective a younger child. I was able to put myself in Brent's shoes and knew what he was feeling throughout the entire story. I would recommend this book for ages 12 and over, dog lovers, and people who like to read inspirational stories.
Overall I enjoyed Gracie and the Preacher. I read it in one sitting.

A Very Pretty Birthday Cake.

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That's a pretty picture of Dude. It reminds me of my dog, Star.

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