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Review - The War Is Language: 101 short works

Title: The War is Language - 101 short works
Author: Nath Jones

A compilation of ultra shorts in three sections culminating with absurdest letters to a fake advice columnist.

This high-impact triptych of prose poetry and flash fiction probes identity in experience. Focusing on the impressions of a woman and a soldier as 21st-century Americans, the first and second sections of the book explore memory and dichotomy respectively. The book’s third section, of letters to a fake advice columnist, is a sarcastic interaction with an absurd existential authority figure. As a whole, the book calls into question our post-post-modern establishment of anti-authority conformists.

My Review:
I was really blown away by this series of shorts. This book is broken into 3 sections. The first section deals with memories, the second dichotomy, and the third - well as it says above - letters to a fake advice columnist. Since this book was broken into 3 sections I decided that I would review it as such. 
Section 1 - Breadcrumbs Ablaze
I really liked this section. I chuckled a bit, I got angry, I got frustrated. I even cried a little. The imagery Ms. Jones' uses to explain the simplest thought or idea is just outstanding. I very much enjoyed: An Admissions Essay, Wanted, Debriefing, Poetry and the one that was so touching to me was Blue Butterfly Falling Out Barrette. 
Section 2 - Chimerical Pinwheels
Now this section was  very interesting. It was quite thought provoking and informative. I found myself on an information roller coaster, my thoughts about the subjects that were presented, went up, down, here and there. The only problem I had with this section, was that I found myself reaching for the dictionary. Overall it was very good.
Section 3 - Letters When Gods Won't Do
I love love love love loved this section!!! ROFLMAO!!! I did, well almost. It was very funny. I would love to see a full novel: Letters to a Fake Advice Columnist or Cheaper Than a Therapist. Very well done. 

Overall I really did enjoy this collection of shorts. 

My Rating:
A cute birthday cake

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