Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review: Iconic Poetry - Poems on Life's Favorite Icons.

Iconic Poetry - Poems on Life's Favorite Icons
Sara Lauritzen


From the back cover:
"Delightfully fresh, this upbeat collection of rhyming poems offers an almost comic take on some of the world’s most iconic brands we love to love.
Modern day poet, Sara Lauritzen, has captured the spirit and essence of life’s current trends in her charmingly casual style.
Prepare to be tickled.”

Poems about Facebook, Twitter, Mac n Cheese? Definitely my style. Sara Lauritzen does deliver with these witty and down right cute poems.
I would definitely say yes, I was tickled. I rather enjoyed Mamma Latte (in which I can totally relate; I must have my coffee every morning or I am a zombie), Face on The Wall, Drink of All Times and Jungle Trade. Can't wait for Ms. Lauritzen to write a sequel.

One Cute Birthday Cake

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Evie said...

Wow! i love your rating system! So original.. and so yummy! :D
I am following you. Let's stay connected!

Ashton The Book Blogger said...

thanks! i'm a bakery manager i figured i'd be creative with this. =)

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