Thursday, March 31, 2011

Review: Night Shadows

Title: Night Shadows
Author: Stephen L. Brayton

Des Moines Homicide detective Harry Reznik and F.B.I. agent, Lori Campisi, have their hands more than a little full when they team up to investigate a series of gruesome murders. 

With life throwing them one obstacle after another, the unlikely pair has no choice but to put their personal issues aside as they battle malevolent creatures from another dimension. With everything to lose, they have no one but each other to count on in a wicked game of survival.

My Review:
Completely awesome! I was so enthralled reading this book. I don't even know where to begin....
Harry Reznik is investigating a series of very gruesome murders (trust me this is not for the faint of heart). NO leads, NO suspects, NADA. ZILCH. Not until Special Agent Lori Campisi shows up to help him investigate. She has previous knowledge and experience with the "unknown" and the "otherworldly". They are also complete polar opposites, which adds to their tension while working. While they investigate, more people keep dying, and their only developing lead points to what is lurking in the it the shadows themselves???? 

Excellent read. Fast paced, thrill ride. This book definitely makes you question all of those bumps in the night. I most certainly will be sleeping with the light on tonight! 

My Rating:
One Amazing Wedding Cake

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Evie said...

Sounds like a pretty scary read! Definitely something I would enjoy :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts Ash!

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