Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review - Stay (A Callie Rose Novel)

Title: Stay
Author: C.C. Jackson

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Callie is shocked when she is ripped from her home in the middle of the night. She is taken to a city that she never knew existed only to find that she has a strange connection to her sexy captor. To top it all off, he tries to convince her that she is not even human. She learns that she is actually a fairy. Not just any fairy, but a fairy who has been destined to become queen of the fairies.
The only problem is that the current queen is a cruel tyrant and Callie will have to fight for the title that she was meant for. She is not completely convinced that this is a life that she wants to live. She would love nothing more than to go back to being the normal human girl that she always thought that she was.
When tragedy strikes, Callie finds that she no longer knows who she can trust. She must learn to survive on her own in a harsh underground world.
She finds herself dealing with the struggles of life and love for the first time. Two gorgeous guys, a bunch of new friends, and a whole new world. Will it be more than she can bear?

My Review:
Very Cute read! I loved how I was transported to this very unique world of The Fae. 
Callie is just an ordinary girl, or so she thinks, until one night she is forcibly taken from the confines of her home, by an ultra attractive man. She can't help feeling the pull and attraction to him and is completely perplexed why. Callie learns from her captor that they are destined to be together, and that she is actually the heir to the throne in Petrona. The Land of The Fae. Fairies.
To make matters worse, the current Queen is a phony and a tyrant who took over after Callie's parents (the true Queen and King) fled the land to protect Callie. Now Callie must choose: run away from her destiny or stay and fight for what is truly hers.
A quick read, really fun. Love the use of magic and the elements. Callie can sure kick some ass.

My Rating:
A cute birthday cake

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