Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Review-The Fragrant Flute of Fire

Title: The Fragrant Flute of Fire
Author: Saswati Das

The book is a passionate journey through varied emotions experienced in human life. It voices from the pain of loneliness and yearning of heart for love to the radiance of such idealism that can transcend all pain and sacrifice all joy for the sake of service above self. It glorifies the innocence of romantic love to the height of divinity and then breaks all barriers of individualism to mingle itself with universal love. This tale of poems worships the strength of youth power, their ardent passion and their invincible courage which is capable of perishing all injustice from humanity.  On one hand it speaks of the beauty of friendship, love, hope and purity of the child in us and on the other hand, it reveals the ugliness and evils that exist in our society and tarnish this beautiful earth of ours. It voices the pain of the oppressed and the unfortunate and urges the youth to change this world into a better place to live in. The simplicity of the language can convey its message to people from all walks of life and the depth of feelings reflected in the words can touch even a soul, which has never seen the world through the melody of poems, and make it love poetry.

My Review:
Simply wonderful. It says it all in the synopsis. Many things attracted me to this book, the cover for one. Very nicely done. The cover was actually painted by Saswati's husband Biplab Chattopadhyay. I love it. Saswati does a great job in really showing love, innocence, pain in her poems. As well as showing the ugly and unscrupulous side. Very well done Saswati

Here is an excerpt of my favorite:


I may use a thousand words to define me, 
But all will go in vain- 
At the end of the day, should I say,- 
You will simply call me insane.

I fear not being named so, 
I dare take the stride- 
All the conventional rules 
I simply refuse to abide.

The Fragrant Flute of Fire will be released in May 2011

My Rating:
One Amazing Wedding Cake


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