Saturday, April 09, 2011

Review-Red Asphalt

Title: Red Asphalt
Author: Scott Cherney

Synopsis: (Goodreads)

See that car in your rear-view mirror?
The driver wants to kill you.
Don’t take it personally.
You just happen to be in the way.

In Scott Cherney’s new novel, Red Asphalt, the operator of the vehicle in question is a troubled medical courier in a triple threat cage match with his two biggest adversaries-everyday life and himself. His marriage to the woman he believed to be his soul mate is rapidly evaporating before his eyes. The book he’s been working on for over a decade is slipping through his fingers as he struggles to complete it. As these pressures grow, he compensates by conjuring up outrageous road rage scenarios in the multiplex of his mind. As his life, job and dreams simultaneously implode, his wild fantasies begin to literally bleed over into reality. Now with a gun in one hand and a steering wheel in the other, this distant runner-up in the human race feels empowered for the very first time. At least our boy’s finally found a purpose in life. 

My Review:
What an amazing book. I would have to say that this is a must read for anyone who has a drivers license or has ever rode in a car.  Calvin Wheeler's life is not exactly the American Dream. With a crumbling marriage and a dead end job (he drives for a living) Calvin's life is like a tire with a slow leak. Not to mention his magnum opus, the book that he has been writing for a good 7 years is going no where. And as we know, a tire with a slow leak, eventually pops.  This is exactly what happens to Calvin and his entire life. 

This story is a 294 page violent, in your face, darkly humorous thrill ride. 
......the moral of the story????


My Rating:
An Awesome Wedding Cake

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