Friday, April 08, 2011

A Blog of A Different Color-RIP Dude

Normally I would refrain from posting anything other than a book review. But I decided, that for a change, I would post some of my own writing. 

This is a poem entitled: "Trapped In My Sorrow". This poem was written after my husband and I had to put down our Doberman/Rottweiler Mix named Dude(4/9/10). He was only a little over a year, but unbeknownst to us he had a very large brain tumor. Since tomorrow (4/9/11) will be the 1-year anniversary of us putting him down, I figured this would be fitting.

Trapped In My Sorrow
a poem by: Ashley Amo
©ashley amo 4/10/2010

Trapped in my sorrow
locked in my pain,
my heart's gonna burst
I'm going insane.

You're no longer here,
you're not around.
I hear you always,
but there's no sound.

Trapped in my sorrow
locked in my pain,
my mind is racing
I'm going insane.

If I sleep,
the pain will subside.
It's hard to believe,
that you really died.

Trapped in my sorrow
locked in my pain,
my eyes weep buckets
I'm going insane.

I miss you so bad,
I feel like I've died.
I feel very empty,
I just want to hide.

Trapped in my sorrow
locked in my pain,
please let me out
I'm going insane.

RIP My little Duder...


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