Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review - Life Seemed Good, But...

Title: Life Seemed Good, But...
Author: Richard Bell

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Welcome. Are you interested in entering a funny, bizarre and unpredictable world? I mean besides the one we all live in? Are you in the mood for dark, or possibly goofy, or possibly just hilarious stories? Then meet the strange characters who live in and around the Mystee Forest, including Oscar the Too-Lucky Gambler, Plooky the Mean Clown, Diane and her Clumsy Unicorn, and various aliens and wizards. Read about the thoughts of a grilled cheese sandwich. As an added bonus, you will also read about my various adventures involving aluminum foil, which are amazing and not to be missed. Lots of the stories are interrelated and contain hidden trivia references, which will give you something to do while you’re laughing.
Warning: This is a book of humor and not meant to be mistaken for great literature.

My Review:
Rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off funny!!! I loved this book. It seriously cracked me up. I actually loved some of these stories so much that I took it to work and read a few out loud. My co-workers, in turn, were laughing their asses off!
Richard Bell brings you into this very unique and bizarre world, that is a very nice breath of fresh air - well if you don't include Farty-Horse, whose real name is Melvin....but that is a horse of different color...lol.
Seriously, this was a great book. The stories were original, and very entertaining. I can definitely say, I will never ever look at a potato the same, ever again.

My Rating:
A Beautiful Wedding cake

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