Friday, June 17, 2011

Review - A Lost and Found Land

Title: A Lost and Found Land
Author: Rick Sand

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Irving Davies finds a magical key buried beneath a heap of used retainers in the school’s lost and found box. The key unlocks a gateway to another world – one away from dodge ball “accidents,” disinterested parents, and his boring English class.

Irving’s idea of paradise is lost inside a maze of moving trees, when he is separated from Emily, his best friend and loyal protector, who tagged along to keep him out of trouble. Their roles are reversed when Emily is captured by a moderately evil and excessively insecure preteen witch, who is determined to permanently enslave Emily as her new “best friend.”

In his race to rescue Emily, Irving must play doctor to a band of hypochondriac giants, escape a mounted cavalry of witchdoctor monkeys in a haunted forest, outsmart a trickster troll, navigate a giant underground ant farm, challenge the dreaded bright-eye beast, and enlist the aid of a goofy ranger girl that commits acts of near-super-human derring-do without losing any of her femininity.

As vultures circle overhead and the obstacles seem unending, will Irving find the strength to overcome the mighty power of the witch?

My Review:
What an adorable, fun, and exciting read! This is definitely one of those stories every child should read. It was full of laughter, danger, and it even had some good morals.
While some younger children might get a bit frightened during the latter half of the book, I think it would be perfect for 9-13 year olds. My favorite part of the book was when Irving met the dwarves who have the most ingenious little names! I loved how they were named after food - for example: Pumpkin Olive-Jam, Mustard Cherry-Milk, and my personal favorite Raspberry Bacon-Taco.  And that their food had human names! Who wouldn't to eat some Mashed Lindas and Tom.
Overall I thought it was a very clever book, that in the end taught children the importance of friendship and over coming your fears. 5 stars.

My Rating:
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