Saturday, May 28, 2011


So I just wanted to give my readers...If i have any left lol... an update about what is going on in my life right now and why i've been a little non-exsistant.

I will be posting new reviews soon. I promise! I took a short vacation from blogging and blogger during the middle and end of this month. As most of you know I manage a Bakery...well this is one of our busiest times of the year.

 Dun dun dun.................
*aahhhhhhhhhh-runs screaming with head in hands........*

The Graduation Season is super insane and extremely busy for us...we are talking cakes upon cakes upon pies upon fresh fruit desserts upon headaches and mental meltdowns. LOL. Needless to say it is both physically and mentally demanding time of year - second only to Thanksgiving and Christmas. 


So you are all probably wondering when this season is over and when am I going to start my reviews again...
Reviews will start soon!!! Serious. I actually am reading three books right now and should hopefully post the reviews sometime next week.

And when is graduation season over? Well for us our big weekend from hell is this current weekend, afterwards is should start to slow down. Since thursday - I can say that we have made more than 70 custom cakes - and these are just for pre-orders. These don't include  the last minute "can you write on this for me" customers. 
No prob bob. Just don't be cranky with me because you didn't order a cake in don't want me to go here........
do you????


I'm just kidding.... =)

Anyways just wanted to give you all an update. I'll try not to be too grumpy. Maybe I should just go take a nap......
the little duder here seems to enjoy it...



Evie said...

Be brave, girl! The craziness will soon be over and you can get back to spoiling your readers with your wonderful reviews:)


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