Monday, July 04, 2011

Review - Faith, Hope and Reindeer

Title: Faith, Hope and Reindeer
Author: Joe Moore as told to by Santa Claus

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Santa Claus has treated many of the Moores kindly. He inspired Clement Clark Moore into writing one of the most beloved poems in literary history. And now he has asked Joe Moore to write Santa's memoirs about several families who have visited him, the North Pole and its people.
But this book is much more then a novel about Santa Claus. It is about families who have struggled through life and its adversities and are in need of a booster shot of Faith. It is about all of us who struggle in life, but never dare to give up Hope. And of course it is about the North Pole and the goings on in this magical land, including the elves and Reindeer.

Follow the story of the Gradys and other families as they take a magical journey that will change their lives forever.

This book will not only answer the questions you have about Santa Claus, but it will bring the true magic and meaning of Christmas into your life; regardless of the month or season. Return to a time when you knew it was all real.

Believe all over again and visit this magical land to get your own booster shot of Faith, Hope & Reindeer.

Come believe, again.

My Review:
Delightfully Heartfelt.
When I first received an e-mail from none other than Santa Claus asking me to read this, I was shocked. I thought, 'Santa is really sending me an e-mail?' And then I thought, 'This is super awesome!' I mean it's Santa Claus!!!! 
This story was truly heartwarming and special. It delivers great insight to the NorthPole, the activities up there, the elves, and of course Santa himself. The story revolves around the Grady family, who receives a package indicating that they have won a trip to Alaska for the Christmas break. Upon traveling they discover they are actually headed to go visit Santa Claus, along with a few other select families. While at the NorthPole they all have these incredible experiences: visiting the shops, seeing the Aurora Borealis, conversing with all of the elves and learning about the Pole and Santa. And of course visiting with Santa himself. 
Faith, Hope, and Reindeer makes you relive your adolescence, and yearn for those innocent childhood days full of magic, hope, faith, love, and of course Santa Claus, while teaching you the true meaning of Christmas. It was just a superb tale. 

My Rating:
An Amazing Wedding Cake

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Santa Fred said...

I enjoyed your critique of " Faith ,Hope and Reindeer". This one of those books I believe to be an excellent bedtime story to excite the minds of children and parents everywhere.

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